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      1. Our Products


        About Us

        Liaoyang Pharma Machinery Co.,Ltd is a grouping enterprise which contributes to production and sale of pharmaceutical,chemical and packaging machinery, the group consists of several subbranches, pharmaceutical machinery factory, packaging machinery factory and plastic machinery factory, Clean-room Factory and 2 offices, her products are popular in the whole nation, furthermore exported over 70 countries and regions in the world,such as: USA,Japan, Sweden, France, Spain, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indian etc, the producs are beyond 800 kinds, includes Blender, tablet press, capsule filler, dryer, blister packing machine,teabag packing machine, centrifuge, Glass-lined Reactor clean-room equipment and instruments etc. she also provided the whole set of pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging line for the customers from UAE, Romania, Nigeria, Georgia, Pakistan and Ethiopia.

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        Contact Us

        86 419 8601299 or 86 419 8601399

        2701# Unit 8 Jingdu International No. 73, Xinyun Street, Liaoyang, Liaoning, China.

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